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    • TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 2010

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    Kanye West's album is everything it promises to be; dark, twisted, beautiful, and fantastic. Although the very raw 808's and Heartbreaks was much debated in its merit, it was a strong indication that the artist had evolved beyond the process of just creating a beat and rapping over it. West is no stranger to thematics, no one should be surprised to see MBDTF is more of the same. What we have here is an extended synthesis of the melodic and the rhythmic, as fit for the club as it is fit for a quiet night of contemplation. Thus it feels authentic, honest, and powerfully personal, the question is not what or how. The themes that weave in and out of MBDTF, fame, power, love, (or lackthereof), are the gifts and curses of being the infamous Kanye West, and in many ways, the curses of being human. The question is: whose fantasy is this?

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    MP3: "Power"
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