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    • MONDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 2009

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    As many workers are plotting how to efficiently coast until their Thanksgiving half-days this week, the music world is hard at work giving us things to laugh/cry about. Another awards show awarded everyone you would expect it to, a man plead guilty to assaulting a beloved rock star, and worlds collided.

    Also, Fantastic Mr. Fox provided us with at least two days worth of cussin' jokes (hope you saw it). Boy, a lot happened this weekend for nothing happening this weekend (huh?):

    • The American Music Awards happened. Woof. The AMA's were trending up a storm on Twitter... could be due to the face that the winners were all the predictable sort. Michael Jackson, Jay-Z, and Green Day all went home with a gold whatever-the-ama-looks-like. Taylor Swift also won, accepting her award via satellite from London, presumably because Kanye West would need a bigger stunt than just being there to upstage a giant TV screen. We're gonna need a bigger Dr. Evil style satellite feed interruption![via DMN]

    • The Dirty Projectors revealed their special concert guests. The rumors were true! Last night DP was joined onstage by David Byrne AND the Roots! Apparently Questlove has enamored ever since the band visited Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Three members of The Roots joined DP on stage for a few songs, including "Stillness," which almost makes up for watching Adam Lambert put his face in a man's crotch on National TV*. Except that most of us normal folks didn't get to see this concert. BV has pictures. [via Brooklyn Vegan]

    • The man who assaulted Noel Gallagher last year has pleaded guilty. News from Canada: Gallagher was "shoved forcefully" at V Fest in Canada last year by a guy named Daniel Sullivan, who has now pleaded guilty to all charges. While intoxicated, Sullivan managed to mount the stage, run past equipment, and get a good shove off on Noel, successfully achieving what many famous rock persons have dreamed of doing since Gallagher first learned about how badmouthing fellow musicians means free press. [via NME]

    • Weezer wrote a song for Adam Lambert. Well, technically that happened a long time ago, but now that the album leaked, the track on Youtube. Start your day off with a little weird Rivers Cuomo/former American Idol contestant mash-up mind-cuss. [via Stereogum].

    Party in the USA! Let's go kids! -joe puglisi

    *It has come to my attention that it was in fact Adam Lambert's crotch that did the receiving, but honestly, who cares?

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