the guest apartment: elizabeth and the catapult
    • MONDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 2009

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    On record, as in their latest Taller Children (Verve Forcast), Brooklyn trio Elizabeth and the Catapult are an inventive young pop group, coveting tales of equal woe and whimsy with irresistible charm, knee jerk spats of wit and wisdom, and plenty of gracious personality. They're a feel good listen, and a recent stay at the Guest Apartment proved one could rob them of some instruments, but not those crafty characteristics that accentuate their wondrous bits of pop.

    One part Elizabeth (Elizabeth Ziman), one part Catapult (Pete Woodman), 2/3rds of the band stopped by for a four-song stay. "Race You" is a sprightly sprint to the finish, navigating a field of" ba ba bas", handclaps, and cheapo, Casio key tones (there's a story about this). "Complementary Me" employs an equal spirit and pace; a wicked whistler that throws breezy melodies and lickity split guitar work at you, with little let up. Then come the session's quieter numbers. "I Can Always Dream", an unsurprising lullaby, features enchanting vocals that flutter in a dreamlike ether. Finally, "Apathy" is a simple beauty of poignant melodies and a story of confusion, frustration, and fear. It's a captivating performance; one that showcases an incredible amount of style and various instrumental alignments as it plays through. - David Pitz

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    The Guest Apartment: Elizabeth and the Catapult

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