Baeble's 2017 Holiday Gift Guide for Music Lovers
    • WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 2017

    • Posted by: Maddie Brown

    Stuck on what to get your rock n' roll obsessed boyfriend? Stressing over what to buy your mega-David-Bowie-fan Mom? Or maybe you just want to treat your music loving self to something special! No worries, we are here to assist you in your holiday gift hunt. Read, click, and purchase, and then thank us when your Uncle happily weeps over that new Beatles Anthology.

    1. Smithsonian Rock and Roll: Live and Unseen

    Price: $25.47 (Hardcover)

    Where To Buy: Amazon

    This is a rare novelty for rock n' roll lovers, music history lovers, and just plain music lovers. A couple of years ago, Smithsonian Books issued a call of action to fans: dig into those ancient photo albums and grimy attics to submit personally taken concert photographs! The result? A thick book packed with never-before-seen visuals of iconic artists including Nirvana, Stevie Wonder, and Joni Mitchell. Oh, and Janis Joplin, The Rolling Stones, Madonna, Led Zeppelin, Leonard Cohen, Pink Floyd, Amy I need to keep going? There's even shots of contemporary artists like Adele and Alabama Shakes!

    Spanning over six decades, this 200-sum page book covers the gamut of rock n' roll history with over 140 artists. With up-close snapshots accompanied by artist descriptions, this outstanding collection will let you relive those moments you never actually lived.

    2. Mick Rock: The Rise of David Bowie, 1972-1973

    Price: $36.01 (Hardcover)

    Where To Buy: Barnes and Noble

    Attention, David Bowie fans! In 2015, Mick Rock, Bowie's photographer/creative partner in the early 70s, compiled various images of this inventive legend. The book description states, "This collection, featuring around 50 percent previously unpublished images, brings together spectacular stage shots, iconic photo shoots, as well as intimate backstage portraits." It's a sure way to get an in-depth look at this inspirational artist who broke down boundaries with his innovative style, forever impacting pop-culture and music.

    mick rock david bowie

    3. Twin Peaks Music from the Limited Event Series

    Price: $29.94 (Vinyl), $13.89 (CD)

    Where To Buy: Amazon

    I'm a huge Twin Peaks fan, and if you or a friend/family member are too, then this gift is perfect. If you've seen the return this year, and still haven't had enough, listen to this mix to get you back into Lynch's ultra-dreamy zone. Even if you aren't a Twin Peaks fan, the music itself will win you over. It's also gotten excellent reviews.

    twin peaks

    4. Elvis Record Clock

    Price: $37.99

    Where To Buy: Amazon

    Record clocks are a vintage treasure, and this handmade Elvis clock is no exception. With the original 12" Elvis Presley vinyl record "Elvis," it's a unique find for music collectors. When I was younger, I had a special Motown clock in my bedroom, and I regret getting rid of it to this day. There are various record clocks with other artists as well. Don't make the same mistake I did--hurry up and order!

    elvis vinyl clock

    5. The Beatles Anthology

    Price: $39.56 (Hardcover), $25.12 (Paperback)

    Where To Buy: Amazon

    This anthology is told from The Beatles' perspective. You'll get a deeper insight into their stories through their words. It's filled to the brim with unseen photographs, intriguing home documents, and full transcripts of the TV/Video series The Beatles Anthology. It tells their stories as individuals, and their journey as a band. Essential for any fans of The Beatles, or anyone who's curious to learn more about them in this rare, autobiographical compilation.

    beatles anthology

    6. Celebrity Prayer Candle

    Price: $24.00 per candle

    Where To Buy: Kitschup Creations, Strand Bookstore

    This one's for giggles. Kitschup Creations sells various prayer candles with your favorite artists on them. Everyone from Bjork to John Lennon to Beyonce-even Cardi B is on there! Some of the designs are really funny, and there's plenty of different artists to choose from. Apparently they sell at Strand Bookstore, if you're in the NYC area.

    justin bieber pray candle

    7. Vinyl Me Please, Subscription

    Price: $99-324

    Where To Buy: Vinyl Me, Please

    Vinyl me, please! Satisfy someone's Vinyl love by giving the gift of Vinyl. There are a few subscriptions that offer different packages based on musical tastes and interests. They'll get a new record essential for their collection every month (free shipping), as well as special access to the online record store.

    vinyl me please

    8. Justin Bieber Purpose Tour Hoodie

    Price: $75

    Where To Buy: Purpose Tour Merch Site

    We're just throwing this one in as a joke -- for the slightly irritating, Bieber-obsessed younger cousin you see once a year! Except, we're actually not joking at all. Let's face it: I'd by this for myself and wear the shit out of it.

    justin bieber purpose hoodie

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