10 Essential Songs By The Most Thankful Divas
    • WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 2017

    • Posted by: Maddie Brown

    On the day before Thanksgiving, we present you with Thanksgiving: Diva Edition! Through their music, Divas have frequently made outright declarations or offered subtle implications of thankfulness. Sometimes this can result in a sickeningly schmaltzy love-fest. But other times it can lead to Grammy Award-winning singles that empower us to give thanks to ourselves, our families, and our friends. Often it's even a combination of the two. But whatever it is, these Thankful Divas are here to let you know that expressing gratitude is one of the most meaningful human acts. So let's look at some essential, inspirational, and sometimes corny songs from these Thankful Divas.

    1. Mariah Carey - "So Blessed"

    Mariah Carey is blessed AF. Like, so blessed. She's upheld the Diva title since the early 90s, when she first erupted on the pop/R&B scene with her absurdly good vocals. Over the years, she's had some over-the-top Diva moments, but this song still proves she's a Thankful Diva who can belt her brains out. The ‘Elusive Chanteuse' pours out her gratitude in this powerhouse track off of her 1991 sophomore album Emotions.

    2. Celine Dion - "Thank You"

    You can't give a more straightforward thank you, than by saying "thank you." Despite the song's abundant cheesiness, Thankful Diva Celine slays, reminding us of the importance of this simple but effective message. Off of her 2013 album Loved Me Back to Life, she repeatedly sings "thank you," to someone, for their "friendly face," and "simply understanding." Takeaway: why are you thankful for your special person? Go tell them, now!

    3. Sonny & Cher - "All I Ever Need is You"

    Another schmaltzy love song in which this Thankful Diva duo reciprocates some major Thank Yous. It was actually recorded by Ray Charles for his 1971 album Volcanic Action of My Soul, but made popular by this iconic pair. The chemistry here is drool-worthy, and you can't help but "aw" the gratitude these two sing to each other.

    4. Janet Jackson - "All for You"

    Janet was once deemed "Queen of Radio," by MTV for making radio history with this song, but I'm renaming her "Thankful Diva." There's lots of Thankful Diva ballads out there, but this is a refreshing dance track that's sure to pump you up. Janet's Grammy Award-winning hit gives a subtle thanks to that hottie across the room for being so damn eye-catching. She cheekily reassures him--"Don't try to be all clever, cute, or even sly / Don't have to work that hard / Just be yourself and let that be your guide." It's not as forthright of a thanks as the other songs, but there's an underlying gratitude bubbling to the surface.

    5. Aretha Franklin - "(You Make Me Feel Like A) Natural Woman"

    You know this one. Thankful Diva Aretha is expressing major thanks here, because this person has made her "feel like a natural woman." It gets real deep, with lyrics like "When my soul was in the lost and found / You came along to claim it / I didn't know just what was wrong with me / ‘Til your kiss helped me name it." Bottom line, if you're lost for those magical words to thank your lover, just recite some lines from this song. They'll praise your thanks, and think that you're super poetic. Ultimate win.

    6. Christina Aguilera - "Thank You (Dedication to Fans…)"

    Celebrities often give thanks to their fans for their unconditional support. But Thankful Diva XTina takes it to the next level here, returning that love to her fans by dedicating a song to them! She even incorporates audio clips of her fans thanking her (not confirmed if these are real fan messages). So, be thankful to the Thankful Diva for thanking you for thanking her. Wow, wasn't that a mouthful!

    7. Beyonce - "Love On Top"

    Feel the love with one of your favorite (you can't argue with me here) Thankful Divas Beyonce. This song has total old school vibes with some snappy key changes. It's celebratory, and will have you paying mega thank yous to your lover. If not your lover, then to Beyonce for recording this ultra-bouncy ear candy.

    8. Diana Ross - "I'm Coming Out"

    Did you guys see Diana Ross's epic AMA's performance? You gotta hand it to this Thankful Diva who's been slaying since 1944 (her birth). This LGBTQ anthem is so empowering and inspirational. The positivity and spread of love here feels spot-on for Thanksgiving.

    9. Whitney Houston - "Greatest Love of All"

    Here's something you should be thankful for: yourself. Yup, self-love is one of the best kinds of love, and Whitney's here to let you know. The legendary singer tells us, "Learning to love yourself / It is the greatest love of all," in one of her most famous hits. Thankful Diva Whitney showcases her extraordinary gift as a vocalist in this richly emotional song. Pat yourself on the back, treat yourself to a massage, and give yourself some well-deserved thanks for your internal beauty.

    10. Stevie Wonder - "Isn't She Lovely"

    Okay, so maybe he doesn't fit all the "Diva" criteria, but Stevie Wonder is still a Thankful King in his own right. He often practices gratitude in his music, and this song is just one of many thankful songs. It's a wonderfully joyous track off of Songs in the Key of Life, where Stevie celebrates the birth of his daughter Aisha. It's also one of my favorite Stevie songs ever, so totally worth including. It's bound to make you feel good and oh-so-grateful!

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