Prince's Estate Has Released a Previously Unheard Song 'Moonbeam Levels'
    • TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 2016

    • Posted by: Mandi Dudek

    It's been seven months since the passing of Prince left the world at a loss for words but today, Prince fans have plenty to be thankful for. The very FIRST previously unreleased track has now seen the light of day from the iconic rocker's treasure trove vault of never-heard-before music kept at his estate, Paisley Park Complex.

    The track is called "Moonbeam Levels" and it was recorded in 1982, during the sessions for the 1999 album. It's a punchy, electric-guitar heavy, 80s-pop ballad with uplifting keys and a catchy-as-hell chorus. The song has some goosebump-inducing lines like, "Please send all your moonbeam levels to me / I'm looking for a better place to die." It's a song to fill a part of the musical void Prince left behind.

    "Moonbeam Levels" is just one of the few unreleased songs on Prince 4Ever, the posthumous Prince greatest-hits album, which also dropped today.

    Now that Prince's estate has opened the vault and released "Moonbeam Levels," they plan on regularly releasing these never before heard tracks. Some will be released early next year in the Purple Rain reissue, which includes an entire disc of unreleased material.

    ABC News gathered a group of Prince superfans in a New York City studio to debut "Moonbeam Levels." Find the video below (the song starts around the 0:45 mark).

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