Kate Bush Releases Emotionally Powerful Video 'And Dream Of Sheep (Live)'
    • TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 2016

    • Posted by: Gabe Paoletti

    Eclectic singer-songwriter Kate Bush is known for her evocative songwriting, as well as her powerful and unconventional performances. In her newest video "And Dream Of Sheep," Bush continues this tradition. On the song, Bush imagines herself adrift in the ocean, likely following the sinking of a ship. Throughout the song one can witness the degradation of the physical and mental state of the character, as she hopes for rescue, but begins, slowly, to accept death. The character mirrors numerous depictions of drowning deaths, describing the exhaustion of attempting to stay alive, as the temperature and the water slowly sap the strength from a person.

    In an inspired decision, Bush decided to recreate these circumstances for both her video and recording of the song. Kate decided to float on an enormous studio water tank for the video, and even ended up contracting hypothermia from the cold water while filming. These grueling circumstances must have been incredibly difficult, but they create an authentic vocal performance, in which you can hear the shivering cold in Bush's voice as she belts out her tale of drowning. The filming accentuates this feeling of deep cold and despair, with its use of a black and white on everything but the red blinking beacon attached to her life vest. Together, the video and song create an immensely stirring piece of art.

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