GEAR TALK TUESDAY: Broken Hands on Umbrellas, Drums, Amps, and Friends
    • TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 2016

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    [Photo Credit: Steve Gullick]

    British rockers Broken Hands made a pretty strong debut with their album Turbulence, which was released earlier this month via SO Recordings. It has a spacious, stadium-ready sound, with thumping guitars and soaring vocals.

    Turbulence was recorded in several studios throughout the UK and produced by Brit Award-nominated producer Tom Dalgety (Royal Blood, Pixies). When we listened to it, we knew the band would have some interesting things to talk about gear-wise, so we had each member expand on their favorite piece of gear, below.

    Dale Norton on umbrellas (yes, you read that right, umbrellas), "We've been using these umbrellas on stage for the last 12 months, they are great for magnifying the strobe lights that we bring in for shows. Quite often people comment on how much they look like satellite dishes which is great as they mirror the themes in the music. They are intense not only for the audience but the more striking and crazy the lights get the more it makes the stage a vibey place to perform."


    Jamie Darby on the Wem/Hiwatt combo, "We pretty much used this combo all over the album and some shows just after, we managed to pick up the cabs with original heavyweight Hiwatt speakers and Wem PA heads during our time away in various places in the UK. They are great for a fat trashy sound with no frills or spills, but life on the road was way too much and needed constant repairing. And if you were wondering, yes someone had fitted Motorola tweeters."


    Callum Norton on his drum kit, "I've always been drawn to Gretsch kits, probably because you can rely on even a cheap Gretsch kit sounding half-descent. So I drove 12 hours to pick up a mirror chrome Club Rock Kit. Like the umbrellas, it looks great with the lights we travel with.
    More recently Premier Drum Company are sorting me a Premier Elite kit in Silver Sparkle. They record great, nice and boomy 24" bass drum!"


    Thomas Ford throws in a small plot twist and chooses his handy man, Casper Hart, "My favourite piece of gear isn't really gear but he's a human Swiss Army knife, fixer and friend. If there was one piece of gear I'd miss the most, and I've thought about it, it wouldn't be my guitar. I can play with any guitar given that it's playable, I'd miss my fuzz boxes, but I could make do without specific models and there's only one bass amp I really lust after (Fender Super Bassman), but the piggy bank isn't there yet. But, you take away the guy that is looking after your best interests, getting you home safe when you're all beer'd up, changing strings when they go, fixing amps, running for fallen mics and untangling XLR leads during a set. It'd be a hard life!"


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