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    • TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 2011

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    Todd Goldstein has had things shaking in the indie world for some time. The amicable Brooklynite spent years carving delicious hooks into the musical output of Harlem Shakes; a once beloved NYC outfit that sadly called it quits in 2009 (though their performance for our cameras lives on!). During that time, Goldstein nursed a solo project in the background dubbed ARMS, a lo-fi-ish yet poppy pursuit just waiting for the perfect opportunity to bust out of the bedroom. His '08 release Kids Aflame set the stage, though things really didn't rev up until the wake of The Shakes. His most recent album Summer Skills, as his official bio so poetically suggests, "is what happens when the back burner bursts into flame. Our latest concert release is an excellent chance to see just how bright that flame can burn.

    Captured on location at The Launch Pad (Baeble's home for an epic slate of bands during the 2011 edition of the CMJ Music Marathon), ARMS' scrumptious tunes are beautifully realized in performance, as Goldstein and crew offer up a head spinning world of power pop delight. This is a place where guitars gleefully play with their rhythmic brethren, where driving anchors of bass don a crown of synthetic color and hypnotic euphoria. There are hints of melancholy in Goldstein's vocals, but that only rounds out the emotional balance of the music. Things are still shaking in Goldstein's world...maybe even more than they were before.

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