6 Songs to Help You Reconcile With That Holiday Regression
    • WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 2018

    • Posted by: Nell Snow

    Everybody loves the holidays. I say that confidently, because its' November and there's Christmas stuff EVERYWHERE. But as we head home for Thanksgiving to kick off the season, a lot of people can't help but to start building up a lot of anxiety. See, the thing about the holidays is that lying in your childhood bed, arguing with your parents and hanging out with high-school friends can really make you feel like you've turned back the clock. And not in a nostalgic way. More like an oh-my-god-why-am-I-acting-like-a-fifteen-year-old? way.

    I'm not writing this from a place of personal observation, either. It's a very real psychological phenomenon, and if you haven't heard of it, it's called "Holiday Regression." See, when we return home, we fall into the comfortable family roles we know and understand, to preserve the dynamic of the household. Which is why even though you might feel like a functioning member of adult society, you still might storm off and slam doors like a teenager when you get in an argument with your father again.

    There have been a ton of articles written about it, but this is my favorite quote, from the Guardian:

    "Holiday regression is an experience so universal that even therapists who specialize in this sort of stuff tend to counsel Just Dealing With It."

    Basically, it's probably inevitable. So why not embrace it? To help you out, we've compiled a list of songs that can reconcile your past and present. Songs that we're listening to and loving right now, but that will satisfy the little emo kid inside you. Because, let's face it, that's what we all need when we're staring at the faded band posters on our walls.

    Illenium- God Damnit (With Call Me Karizma)
    It's got everything- a sad melody, slow rap verses, self-loathing lyrics, and the most perfect vocals as a cherry on top.

    High Hopes- Panic ant the Disco
    It's really nice to find a pop punk band that's still making bangers. (No shade, Fall Out Boy, we still love you). And even though pretty much the entire lineup has changed, Brendon Urie is still the front man, as he's still as smexy as that magazine cutout you have of him.

    Billie Eilish - Ocean Eyes
    I mean she's 16, so she's got the emotional teen stuff down. And she knows how to portray it beautifully and artistically. Oh, and Ocean Eyes is about an unrequited love so, even if you don't relate to that feeling anymore (lucky a-hole) I'll bet you did when you were younger.

    Two Feet - Lost The Game
    Two Feet is the best to play when you're just feeling angry at the world.

    RL Grime- Light Me Up
    RL Grime has mastered that filthy trap that your parents are gonna hate.

    Alec Benjamin- If I Killed Someone for You
    Alec Benjamin is one of the most thoughtful and emotional singers I've had the opportunity to talk to, and exactly the kind of celebrity crush I would have in high-school. Besides "If I Killed Someone For You" is so overdramatic. It's perfect.

    Alison Wonderland- Easy(Kill Paris Remix)
    Alison Wonderland is another artist who has been amazingly open about her mental health. And while I don't want to undercut that in any way, it does mean that a lot of self-loathing teens can connect perfectly with her lyrics.

    Adam Jensen- Street Fight
    I dunno, it's just got the ~æsthetic~.


    So good luck at the Thanksgiving dinner, and just remember that if these songs can reconcile who you were 7 years ago with the present, so can you.

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