WTF WEEKLY: Harry Styles Slays The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show + MORE
    • TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    1. Was Selena Gomez lip syncing at The AMAs?

    The AMAs took place this past weekend, and Selena Gomez took the stage with some rando who wears an unwashed bucket on his head Marshmello to perform their new single "Wolves." Except Selena didn't really perform, she just lip synced. Well, that's what people are saying at least.

    Personally, I don't think she's lip syncing. Is she maybe singing quietly with the backing track pumped up way higher than it should be? Now that's something I can get behind. I mean, if she was lip syncing, don't you think she'd sound better? During the verses she's practically talk-whispering, as she distracts us by flaunting her new golden locks and dancing around in a silky white night gown. Why are you wearing a night gown anyway, Selena? Are you tired?

    I do feel pretty mean picking on Selena, after all, she did have a kidney transplant earlier this year. She's doing a lot more than me if I were to have a kidney transplant. I'd definitely be playing it up for at least the next year, so my mom could continue to hand deliver me bags of cinnamon sugar pita chips while I lay in bed, watching Gilmore Girls reruns (oh wait, I do that anyway).

    This was Selena's face after her performance. She didn't even like it!

    2. Did P!nk actually like Xtina's performance?

    Also at The AMAs was a performance by Christina Aguilera. Unlike Selena, she did sing! However much like Selena, she received some mixed reviews. With slicked back hair and a simple black outfit, she paid tribute to Whitney Houston by performing a mashup of "I Will Always Love You," "I Have Nothing," "Run To You," and "I'm Every Woman." Not only did some criticism come on the internet later, but we all saw it play out live, right there in the audience's faces. And one very notable member in the audience was -- you guessed it -- P!nk. You know, Xtina's former arch-nemesis. The camera caught a shot of P!nk's face looking either super impressed or super confused, and naturally, the internet went wild trying to debate what she was thinking.

    But then P!nk addressed the rumors, saying she 100% was NOT throwing shade at Xtina, and that we "all perpetuate keeping women apart." …Oops. #Exposed.

    Wtvr. P!nk did acrobatics while scaling the side of a building and singing really fucking well, so whether or not Xtina performed, she was the best in my book!

    3. Harry Styles kicked off the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in Shanghai… With three of his rumored ex-girlfriends!

    This weekend was also the taping of the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, this time in Shanghai, China. The musical guest was originally supposed to be Katy Perry, but, along with Gigi Hadid, she was actually banned from China. That worked out well though, because the show is all about hiring angels, and having to replace Katy gave them the opportunity to find the most angelic angel of them all: Harry Styles.

    Harry might be an angel, however he's not completely innocent. Apparently, not one, not two, but three of his rumored ex-girlfriends were walking in the show. All of the guys reading this are probably like yeahhhh muh boi Harry, get it! While all the girls are like meh, OF COURSE he only dates VS models, meh!

    The 3 supposed lucky gals are Sara Sampaio, Georgia Fowler, and Nadine Leopold. And yeah -- they're all super gorgeous! *cries*

    Here's Sara and Georgia together. They look pretty chill with each other. So chill in fact, they're laying down!

    It's rehearsal time #vsfashionshow17 #vsfs @victoriassecret #victoriasecret

    A post shared by Sara Sampaio (@sarasampaio) on

    And here's Nadine! Yes, rock that headdress like culture appropriation does not exist! Sell the hell out of that lingerie! Sell your soul, gurl!

    I'd say Harry Styles pretty much killed it, and he will always be a (VS) angel in our hearts.

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