The Indelible, Untouchable Style Of Bjork
    • TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 2017

    • Posted by: Chris Deverell

    Bjork's name is almost synonymous with the word "extra." Everything she does seems to be extra, and that's part of what makes her so great. She takes no shame in being herself, and is not afraid to present herself and her art to the world in whichever way she pleases. So, in preparation for the release of her ninth studio album, Utopia, we've compiled a short list of Bjork's most daring, most dashing, and most iconic looks from her long and storied career.

    1. The Swan Dress


    It's probably the most readily identifiable piece of Bjork's wardrobe, after having made its debut during the 2001 Academy Awards. The dress was mostly panned at the time, and earned its place in infamy, but really, it's probably one of the most tame things she's ever worn.

    2. The Twin Buns

    Bjork rocked this hairstyle, sometimes as full buns sometimes as Bantu knots, for a good part of the 90's and honestly they're still hairstyle goals to this day.

    3. The Homogenic Cover

    This one screams iconic. There could not possibly be anything more Bjork than this. Alexander McQueen designed the ice-palace/china doll dress and look, and the rest, well it's history.

    4. The Biophilia Pinhead Look

    Bjork has always pushed the boundaries with her avant-garde, experimental style, but Biophilia was where she really let loose. Not only was the album highly conceptual, but she paired it with this Hellraiser-esque headpiece designed by Maiko Takeda.

    5. The Crystal Mask

    Quick, if you just found out you were about to meet actual British royalty, what would you throw on? Probably nothing nearly as bougie and excellent as this Swarovski crystal mask that she wore when she met Prince Charles in 2003. Pretty sure we know who the real royalty was in this pic.

    6. The Bell Dress

    Bjork's good friend Alexander McQueen again designed another piece for her with the bell dress, and it's somehow even more over-the-top than the Homogenic cover. Bjork wore this for the music video of "Who Is It", and yes, the bells do function and some were added to a remix of the song.

    7. Pixie-Grunge Chic

    Before the mythos of Bjork was fully-formed, she was singing in the Icelandic alt-rock band The Sugarcubes. Sporting a toned-downed, windswept pixie look, Bjork wouldn't have been out of place in any grunge band during the 90's. A simple look, but still quintessentially Bjork.

    8. Whatever Is Going On With Utopia

    I don't even know where to start with this one. What kind of alien animal did she kill for that fur? Is that a vagina on her forehead? There's an alternate photo where she looks like a mermaid...wearing a strapon. It's so extra, so dramatic, and so perfectly Bjork.

    Utopia releases this Friday, through One Little Indian Records.

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