Iggy Azalea Has Bigger Balls Than Eminem
    • FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 2014

    • Posted by: Lily Trotta

    If I told you Eminem dissed Iggy Azalea, would you be surprised? Well, buckle your seatbelts, America, it's the truth. And more importantly, the I-g-g-y is firing back. After Slim Shady's newest track leaked, containing lines that implied raping Iggy ("Put that shit away, Iggy / You don't wanna blow that rape whistle on me"), our favorite Aussie rapper was rightly offended. Granted, this is by no means the first time Eminem has written about violence, domestic abuse, or rape, but you can't blame her for being bothered.

    Anyway, Iggy obviously took to Twitter to fight back. Check out her words of wisdom below:

    Along with basking in the glory of her controversial upcoming AMA performance, an Ellie Goulding collaboration with Iggy also leaked today. So take that, Marshall! Point Iggy.

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