Out and About: The Districts at Mercury Lounge
    • THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 2013

    • Posted by: Cassedy Banks

    Tuesday night was the first time I had ever felt like a cougar, and I'm not ashamed about it. The Districts are four guys barely out of high school, but their talent has guaranteed big things at their early age. Frontman Rob Grote sings with the same transfixing passion as Jim Morrison and rocks out on the guitar at the same time. The rest of its members: guitarist Mark Larson, bassist Connor Jacobus and drummer Braden Lawrence each carry their own mystique and unabashed adorableness.

    The Districts played in the intimate Mercury Lounge Tuesday night and took over the space. Songs like "Funeral Beds," "Radiator" and "Long Distance" were captivating as the passion and rawness of their sound was juxtaposed with their innocent faces and ex-marked underage hands. With big curly hair and piercing blue eyes, Grote puts everything he has on the stage as he spits and screams into the microphone, filling the room with chilling energy.

    Having only released one album (Telephone) to date, these guys should be setting loose a fresh one soon, and this cougar can't wait to hear it. They're going to be touring with White Denim this winter, and I guarantee the grouping won't disappoint.

    In the meantime, get your copy of Telephone here. And keep an eye on their tour dates

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