Stream: Radiohead Demos
    • MONDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 2011

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    A pair of previously unreleased Radiohead demos are making the rounds today, ripped from a tape made in the band's dorm room at an Oxfordshire boarding school, Abingdon School, in the 1980s. After Thom Yorke and Colin Greenwood formed and disbanded the punk act TNT, they formed On A Friday with other future members of Radiohead and in 1986, made a few demo recordings. The songs, "Everybody Knows" and "Girl (In The Purple Dress)" are just a distant cousin of the band's most famous works, but still a worthwhile look at a young Yorke singing about pseudo-normal things. (Although in a 1997 interview with Q Magazine, the band stated they look back on Yorke's songs from this era as "schizophrenic." Would love to hear the words they use for The Eraser.)

    Youtube user klootme explains the recordings a bit further, and the timeline (plus a few rogue mentions of the songs in different forms) seems to confirm the legitimacy.

    "History behind the tape is that my husband was at school with the band and partied with them (before Jonny joined them!). Phil [Selway] was at Uni with us both in Liverpool. The demo was given to my husband at 17 in school. We used to go and see them play in Oxford and was friends with them. They were fairly inactive from 1987-1990 as a band. But when everyone had finished Uni they got back together and tried to make a go of it. They went to the States...we went backpacking to India for 6 months. Six months later we retured from India...saw Colin with a binbag full of laundry at the launderette... "so much for the States" we laughed..." I remember seeing them in Oxford where me and my husband made up an audience of 6!"

    Wow. Check the songs below.

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