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    • WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 2007

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    Queue your jealousy now. Yesterday Pitchfork pointed us in the direction of a rather charming clip out of the Okkervil River camp…a drop dead, gorgeously shot video of Will Sheff strumming through the quiet chords of The Stage Names’ “Girl in Port” along the Italian Seaside. Diced up with various touristy (but not so touristy) images of the rest of the band, this is one tempting montage. Italy anyone? - David Pitz

    From Pitchfork…
    "Our friend Mike Torres shot this 16mm (and Super 8) footage of us on a European tour in late 2006, when we had a day off in the area surrounding the walled city of San Elpidio a Mare, Italy. We took the van down to the beach; Scotty and Brian skipped rocks, Patrick and Travis played this weird little pseudo-poker shell and rock game, and I pulled out my guitar to play this song, inspired by the whole seaside scene. With footage from the beach and around the walled city. One of my favorite afternoons in recent memory." – Will Sheff

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    MP3: Okkervil River:: “Our Life is Not a Movie or Maybe” The Stage Names
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