Brasstracks Reminds Brooklyn They Haven't Gone Anywhere
    • TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 2018

    • Posted by: Nell Snow

    NYC based duo Brasstracks has one of the most uniquely undefinable sounds out there. Google their name and they come up as a dance/electronic duo, but while that's not wrong, drummer Conor Rayne and horn player Ivan Jackson really can't be pigeon-holed that way. I mean, they're a drummer and a horn player. Not exactly typical for electronic producers, to say the least.

    So, you might be able to consider them future-brass. A term they coined, of course, because who else could be described that way? But that wouldn't cover it either- it's completely ignores one of the most notable chapters of Brasstracks' young career. They've actually won a Grammy for Best Rap Performance, for their production of Chance the Rapper's "No Problem." (Yes, that one. You've heard it.)

    You might look at this mish-mosh of genres and conclude that Brasstracks' sound is all over the map, but that's wrong too. They're consistently putting out sunny-sounding, brassy (duh), electo-funk tracks that will never fail to raise your mood.

    Another thing that's stayed consistent? Their loyalty to their Brooklyn roots. To prove their love, they recently had a small concert on the Elsewhere rooftop, with a gorgeous view of the skyline and some fire ‘chunes to go with. They brought with them a huge live band to really tie a magical night together.

    Even better, they teamed up with Pell to give us a live video of their new song "Vibrant."

    I don't think I've ever heard a more appropriate name for a song than "Vibrant." Between Pell's flow, the band giving it their all, and the funky beats, there's so much infectious energy packed into one performance. It's really worth not just a watch, but several re-watches. It just gets better every time.

    I'd also just quickly like to point out the magnificence of the style in this video. From Ivan Jackson's staple-piece hat to Pell's enviable hoodie, everyone was looking so fly. If you want to see some more fab outfits, or more importantly, more gorgeous, vibrant music, you can check if their tour is coming to a city near you here.

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