Tove Lo Releases 'BLUE LIPS' With a Bang at Brooklyn's Elsewhere
    • MONDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    Last week, Swedish pop star Tove Lo released phase II of lady wood, her brand new album, BLUE LIPS. The album is laced with equal parts party bangers and confessional heart break songs -- a perfectly balanced project that we knew would make for an excellent live performance. She celebrated the release right here in Brooklyn, NY at the latest venue to pop up on the map, Elsewhere.

    The venue was perfect for the singer, spacious yet still intimate, so it felt cool to see the "Habits (Stay High)" star so up close and personal. It was set up like a regular venue but the lights and industrial style kind of made it feel like a club, which was fitting for Tove Lo. As soon as she started singing, we knew we were right -- this was going to be one damn good show.

    The set was short since it was more of a release party than anything else, but the singer still managed to squeeze all of her most popular hits, like "Habits (Stay High)" (the remix version, for all you posers), "Cool Girl," "Talking Body," and of course, "Disco Tits." Not only did she perform "Disco Tits" though, but she also wore disco tits. Yep, halfway through the set, she stripped her sports bra and opted for a more freeing option -- her breasts covered in nothing but a blindingly shiny, metallic decoration. With sensual dance songs like that, it definitely felt more like a club -- drunk, sweaty bodies moving as she screamed "I'm wet through all my clothes!" But then more personal songs like "cycles" and "struggle" made their debut, still leaving some room to dance, but even more room to explore mental patterns and frustrations in a spiraling relationship.

    Tove likes to party. We've mostly become desensitized to her overly-sexualized lyrics. Phrases like "fuck some sense into me," may have had us gasping at one point, but Tove did a good job at normalizing that. It's when she gets her heart broken, that we suddenly feel a whole new level of emotion. On BLUE LIPS it pushed her to write some of her best stuff, like the aforementioned tracks, as well as other songs on the second half of the record, "9th of october" and "bad days."

    At the release show, Tove Lo took the already-evident emotions felt on BLUE LIPS and made them even more palpable.

    Before leaving, she treated satisfied fans to a meet and greet and a goodie bag, filled with containers to stash drugs, lighters, gold glitter, and temporary vagina tattoos so you too, can be a part of the "Disco Tits" fun.

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