Tigertown Blesses Us With Their New EP 'Warriors'
    • MONDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 2017

    • Posted by: Rachael Morrow

    Our friends, Tigertown, have released a new EP and we are loving every second of it. Warriors is fifteen minutes of good natured tracks that emit a pure sense of joy. It still has a similar vibe to their previous work, Lonely Cities, but they begin to branch off from that fun loving atmosphere. What separates this EP from their release of last year, is their move to strip away some of the complexities in their music; it brings the focus back to their vocals and simple instrumentation. It sets a slightly different tone from their earlier works whilst maintaining that Tigertown sound we adore.

    The opening track is their hit single "Warriors," which resonates a lot more with the sound we're used to hearing from these guys. It's a dance track that sends you on a trip back to the days of summer and beach parties. It's a nostalgic hit for our beloved teen years, where the memories of days with less responsibilities and carefree attitudes was the norm. This tone seeps into the following track, "Come My Way," which utilizes a heavier drum beat and more breezy synths. It follows a simplistic progression -- it's predictable, but it's exactly what we want from an indie pop track.

    The song "Mysterious," is more percussive -- the guitar and vocals are at the forefront of the track whilst the clapping keeps the rhythm. The most candid feeling tune on the EP, it elicits imagery of friends drinking beer on a balcony, overlooking a pink sunset. This tonal shift of the collection finishes with the final track, a stripped version of "Warriors," where it literally strips away the buzz of the original track and exposes the rawness underneath. It becomes more of an acoustic deconstruction, adding layers of depth in contrast to the original.

    Tigertown further cement their sound, taking a more deconstructed approach to a lot of their tracks. Warriors is blissful with a fun loving vibe, there is little experimentation but is still an easy listen. It's enthusiastic in many ways, which helps bring out the bubbling excitement. This is Tigertown at peak confidence.

    Watch our Bands + Brews session with Tigertown:

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