The 12 Most Beloved Family Bands
    • MONDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 2017

    • Posted by: Rachael Morrow

    We all love a good family band with some mom, dad, and sibling rivalry love. It's a different kind of adoration for family bands -- they just seem so wholesome and loving, it's hard not to fall head over heels in love with them! The idea of families making music together is inspirational, and makes us feel like we could even make a band with our siblings... But then we try and realize we have no musical talent whatsoever. So that's why we jam to these guys instead, and live vicariously through them!

    1. Jackson 5

    The most famous family band probably of all time! The legendary Michael Jackson made his musical debut performance with this fam band - their unique sound and lovable nature made them one of the first African American bands with a crossover following. All siblings had an endearing presence on stage which captured audiences worldwide, especially little Michael and his cute dance moves.

    2. The Partridge Family

    Although not an actual family in real life, the Partridge Family became a TV sensation. Their on screen family band became a household name loved by all. Their show ran during the 70's with the group winning Grammys for their musical performances. It was based loosely on an actual family band, The Cowsills, but somehow this fictional family became an even bigger hit than the original!

    3. The Bee Gees

    A brotherly trio popular from the 60's to the 80's, who broke ground in their disco pop sound. Making their way originally in Australia before moving back to their home country, England, where they saw huge international success. One of the most iconic trios of modern music, the Bee Gees influenced some great artists, such as Kevin Parker, David Bowie, and even Paul McCartney. Groundbreaking in their costume and hair styles, these brothers stole our hearts and didn't give them back!

    4. The Pointer Sisters

    Disco queens, these women have had a career spanning decades, with numerous hits and awards behind them. Originally made up of the four Pointer sisters, before the youngest June, passed away due to cancer, they now perform with June's daughter. The Pointer Sisters have accomplished success in a huge range of musical genres, from country rock to disco and pop. With their sass and attitude there's no wonder these women dominated charts and became legends.

    5. The Carpenters

    A beloved sibling duo of Karen and Richard Carpenter, the two reached critical acclaim amongst the soft rock and easy listening genres. They embodied a very clean cut, wholesome american image that eventually became their largest criticism. The band broke up in 1983 due to Karen's death, after suffering from anorexia for several years. The two created an alternative sound to their counterparts of the time, ultimately appealing to a more contemporary audience. Lovable in every aspect these two were gorgeous to watch and listen to.

    6. The Beach Boys

    One of the most influential bands of the rock genre, The Beach Boys consisted of three brothers, their cousin and family friend, making them a well rounded family band. They began in California in the 60's becoming a sensation basically overnight. With those haircuts and outfits no wonder they became instant heartthrobs.

    7. INXS

    Australia's favorite brother band, INXS, made waves with their new wave pop sound of the 80's. Made up of the Farris brothers, they began their rise to fame in Sydney, Western Australia by playing at local bars and pubs. Michael Hutchence was the lead vocalist and the soul appeal of the band, with his stage presence becoming infamous. The band eventually ended due to Hutchence's death in 1997. Our hearts all bled a little at this news, his sultry vibe was rare and deeply missed.

    8. Sister Sledge

    Another sassy sister group, these women were superstars at the height of the disco era. Their track "We Are Family" became their defining single, reinforcing their strong family values and love for each other. With their funky soul vibes these women won the hearts of all throughout the 70's. The definition of a strong family who supported each other and reinforced the meaning of family.

    9. Angus and Julia Stone

    Brother sister duo, Angus and Julia Stone, are our folk pop stars. With tranquil vocals and poetic lyrics, these guys win us over with every track. Frontrunners in the folk genre, their work is a voice of a generation of girls wearing floral dresses and summer musical festivals. Won't be saying goodbye to these two anytime soon.

    10. The Jonas Brothers

    Another brotherly trio who hit the spotlight in the pop world and stole millions of teenage girls' hearts. They made their breakthrough on the Disney Channel with their own TV show, before going on to record four albums. Despite their music lacking some flavor, they remain crucial in the boy band scene.

    11. Haim

    The modern girl band of the decade, originally Valli Girls before transitioning into Haim with the inclusion of their younger sister, Alana. The trio released an outstanding album, Days Are Gone, which marked their position in the indie rock/pop scene. With breakup songs about women taking control and sisterhood, these girls are inspirations for any sisters out there!

    12. Kings of Leon

    From Nashville these three brothers and cousin are a rock band with alternative blues and jazz influences. The boys made headlines with their hit single "Sex on Fire" becoming a rock anthem for young guys around the globe. Their passionate performances ignite their crowds, making their live shows some of the best going around.

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