Chance The Rapper Just Hosted 'SNL', Here Were His Best Moments
    • MONDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 2017

    • Posted by: Rachael Morrow

    Chance The Rapper graced us with his presence on Saturday Night Live this past weekend and really showcased his sense of humor (in addition to his already known rapping talents). There were a lot of awesome moments during the night -- here were our favorites.

    1. Thanksgiving Song

    His introductory song for the show is an original hit, where he makes fun of Thanksgiving and vocalizes what we're all dreading this Thursday. It begins with him singing about the joys of the holiday, but then gets into all the little things that truly make this one day of the year an actual nightmare. The standout moment was of course the moment when he forgot his lines and just continued to mumble along with the music. It's always funny to watch someone fumble around on stage, especially when it's a talented celebrity, don't we all live for these embarrassing moments? Everyone needs to mess up sometimes! Plus there were turkeys! Actual turkeys who looked like little priests dressed in robes, as all turkeys do on this cherished holiday. The jokes throughout the song were little gems, with lines like "Aunt Siobhan showed her gun" and his cousin complained that "no one is woke." Chance, you've succeeded. You are officially the Mariah Carey of Thanksgiving.

    2. The Family Feud Skit

    Family Feud reenactments never, ever get old. Anyone who impersonates Steve Harvey just seems to do a brilliant job and this time was like any other. Chance takes his place as the half brother for the Didrickson Family, where they play the feud for Thanksgiving. The laughs keep coming as the stereotyped family members go above and beyond to run with their labels. We watch a heartwarming moment where Chance reveals that he is the lost son of Steve Harvey, and their little family reunion brings big laughs, but it's also just so sweet.

    3. The Backstreet Boys-Inspired Ode to Barack Obama

    This music video is golden! It's an ode to Obama, and don't we all just love Obama? It plays on all the early 2000's videos we used to love, but proves that there's a reason why they're not made like that anymore. The white suits, the rain, the montages of Barack, and of course the tearful pondering. A parody that pulls on those heart strings, and gets those sobs going for our severely missed Obama. Chance has his posse, and they back him up in the best parts, adding that extra touch of comedic genius. This should definitely be released as an actual single, and Barack should do a feature!

    4. The Career Day Skit

    It's career day at school and Scott (Chance) and his friend Robby bring in their dads to explain their company, Petro Works. The kids get a little bit too excited about their dads and their fascinating jobs in pipe construction. Things escalate as usual, and it's not before long that people start to get naked and pass out on school property.

    5. The Pizza Boy

    Chance is now a pizza delivery boy, and he shows up with an "extra large sausage pizza" (ugh, now I'm hungry). It's obvious from the beginning that he's not just delivering pizza and is actually there for the baby sitter, Miss Jasmine. The little girl who's being baby sat highlights the innocence of the whole situation, setting up the jokes over and over again. The sexual innuendos reach their worst when the delivery man, plumber, and handyman all show up for what seems like some definite funny business...

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