Throwback Thursday: Unreleased Floating Bridge Session With G E Smith And Craig Finn
    • THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 2014

    • Posted by: K. Hess

    G. E. Smith is a living rock n' roll legend. He's had a Fender Telecaster sewn into his palm since he was 11 (he now has his own Telecaster model). "One of my great pleasures in life is to play with a lot of people who write good songs," Smith mentions while shootin' the musical shit with The Hold Steady's Craig Finn. He's talking about Finn, during the session the two played through a few tracks from Finn's then new record Clear Heart Full Eyes, but he's played with David Bowie, Bob Dylan, Roger Waters, and that doesn't even scratch the surface of his decade long career as the musical director of SNL.

    Then there's Craig Finn, lead singer of The Hold Steady. A guitarist in his own right, and a really good singer/songwriter. Finn has an extremely identifiable, strangely comforting, almost partied out husk to his voice. He refers to it as "that talking singing thing I do," and it scores his mad rad imagery to a tee. Finn's got a talent for exposing the modern American odyssey, the adventures of no one too special are translated into a comic strip of epic poetry.

    So kids, Throwback Thursday gets a twist today with some unreleased content. #TBT to 2012, and our one of kind Floating Bridge Session with G. E. Smith and Craig Finn. Finn and Smith are a rare pair, grounded, grateful, and genuine, but mostly just down to play some good music together. Smith talks the differences between playing through The Wall with Waters versus the freeform experience of playing live with Dylan, and Finn trips back through the conception of The Hold Steady, and his thoughts on Jesus.

    Watch the full cut of our exclusive session with Craig Finn and G. E. Smith here, and watch the official cut of the full length interview; they discuss process, collaboration, and just playing together.

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