Disturbing Marilyn Manson Video Surfaces Simulating Rape Of Lana Del Rey
    • THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 2014

    • Posted by: Aimee Curran

    Marilyn Manson has the undeniable reputation of being a shock rocker. His gross stage displays, creepy videos, and costuming are enough to intimidate almost anyone, but in this never-before-seen video, a line has been crossed which, understandably, explains why it was tucked away on a shelf until now.

    The video is less than two minutes in length but shows an extremely disturbing simulated rape between Lana Del Rey and video director Eli Roth. As she tried to fight off her attacker, her head is pushed into a pillow as a look of sick joy crosses Roth's face. Ew.

    Other parts of the video include a fucked up looking party scene with balloons that say RAPE on them and imagery of a battered and bloody woman's head being held underwater.

    The video is too NSFW to post, but you can head over to YouTube and watch it HERE. Watch with caution.

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