Single Serving: Brick and Mortar
    • WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 2013

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    A righteous, eardrum-busting, decibel-hungry rock duo is always a surprising thing to hear. It shouldn't be, especially considering the number of obvious examples modern rock has churned out (White Stripes, Black Keys, The Kills) of how loud two people can get. Still, discovering a pair of ferocious musicians pounding out something momentous is a thrilling revelation. "How do two people make all that sound?!" It never seems plausible, making it all the more impressive.

    One of the latest bruisers in this category are Brick + Mortar, a Jersey two-piece hailing from Springsteen's old seaside stomping grounds of Asbury Park. Like their hefty name suggests, Brick + Mortar's music takes on an almost physical presence, anchored by a wild drummer (John Tacon) laying down a flurry of chaotic rhythms and helmed by a vocal/guitar/bass/general programming master (Brandon Asraf) presiding over the ruckus ceremonies. "Locked in a Cage", a song from the band's new EP Bangs, is a fitting intro to their ominous and abrasive nature. Rich and full-bodied, the song is a drubbing of drums, guitar, and various electronic schisms, sounding a lot like an American offshoot of what current arena rockers Arctic Monkeys are doing with songs from their rather excellent new album, AM. Give the song a listen and dig into the full collection HERE.

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