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    • FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 2009

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    Well, I guess that's it. The Mixtape turned forty last week, which means we're officially over the hill this week. Oh no! Luckily we're not balding, we don't own cats, and we have never watched more than five minutes of QVC. Close one! As we move closer to Thanksgiving, I'm starting to think, man, why are there already holiday themed commercials? Soon we're going to be seeing Santa on the Coca Cola bottles in October. Step off, Christmas! Halloween needs its time to shine. Or maybe retailers should make a new holiday called "pre-Christmas," and it can happen on July 31st or something. Or they should just check out list of reasons to celebrate everyday. Come on retailers, this weekend is National Slumber Party Day (11/22). Let's sleep on it until Black Friday.

    We do have some music for you, Baeblers. Look at everything it can do! Listen to the first nine tracks, and we'll throw in an extra track for free! It's the T.G.I. Mixtape, and its not available in stores. Call now! -joe puglisi

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    1. "Daylight" - Aesop Rock - Labor Days
    WARNING: THROWBACK ALERT. We begin with a retrospective. This was being tossed around the internet this week and I wanted to plug it, because it is a fantastic piece of hip-hop. Off the critically lauded and mostly missed Labor Days concept album, "Daylight" is part of the chronicling of the day-to-day lives of the working class. This track and the album it was a part of solidified Aesop Rock as a forerunner of the underground hip-hop movement this decade.

    2. "Life Magazine" - Cold Cave - Love Comes Close
    Cold Cave has a great record out, and its great to hear their gothy casio glitz on the TV... "Life Magazine" is all over one of the aforementioned holiday commercials. And while I love the song and its circular hang clapping echoed goodness, and the fact that Cold Cave probably made some money, I still hate that this commercial aired last week. Retailers, come on! Anyway, at least the music is good.

    3. "Trust" - Old Canes - Feral Harmonic
    "Again with the Old Canes???" you say. I know I am getting repetitive. But I really think they killed it with this record... Feral is such an impeccable blend of acoustic guitar balladry and lo-fi fuzz. This song in particular goes places that are very unexpected. The energy that Chris Crisci brings to the table with a few chords and some loud singing is audible comfort food.

    4. "Dark Trance" - Free Energy - Free Energy
    Free Energy is a happy-go-lucky bunch from Philly who hooked up with James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem and dance-happy DFA Records to produce their debut single, which cropped up over the summer. It wound up in our mailbox last month as part of a self-titled EP, and "Dark Trance" was on there as well. And the tracks have something in common; they both rock. (Full disclosure: "Something In Common" is the other song on the Free Energy EP... bad jokes!)

    5. - "The Screens" - Atlas Sound
    One of the free virtual 7" Bradford Cox has been posting on the Deerhunter blog, "The Screens" is a plaintive and eerie little melody; one of those songs that latches on and won't let go. With its languid harmonica and muffled vocals, almost too low for the lyrics' sake, its Cox channeling Harrison via "Long, Long, Long".

    6. "To Be Objectified" - Jeffrey Lewis & The Junkyard - 'Em Are I
    Snappy, sharp, and humble, Brooklyn's anti-folk hero opened for Art Brut last Sunday at Bowery Ballroom and after a set of intellectual ditties and two made for the History Channel comic book slideshow sing songs, I revisited his most recent album 'Em Are I. This is one of the singles that dropped last spring, its got a pretty great video as well.

    7. "To Clean" - Woods - Songs of Shame
    Lo-fi freak folk with psychedelic overtones, Woods are like Fleet Foxes on acid, stripped down and real cool. They just put out their new LP Songs of Shame making them a band to keep your eyes on. "To Clean" is their first single; its catchy, weird, and a great introduction to these guys.

    8. "Home" - Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes - Up From Below
    A whistle while you work slice of absolute weekend sunshine, this shameless flock of Californian hippies (read their BIO. It's amazing) offer you a perfect tune for your Friday on the job. Just don't let your boss catch you singing "Home! Let me go home" too loud. You may get your wish...permanently.

    9. "Apathy" - Elizabeth and the Catapult - Taller Children
    Usually twiddling their fingers to form more up-beat pop creations, this track from Brooklyn's Elizabeth and the Catapult strums the most tender of the heart strings with it's simple, acoustic beauty. Here string accompaniment and Elizabeth Zima's poignant melodies carry a story of confusion, frustration, and fear - fear that things will never be the same ("I'm waiting for the mission bell/My greatest fear is that I'll wait for you forever, and still I'll never hear the sound"). At the very least, there can be no indifference towards this song.

    Keep your eyes on Baeble next week as we premier an exclusive Guest Apartment Session with Elizabeth and the Catapult.

    10. "I Love You But Goodbye" - Langhorne Slim - Be Set Free
    How is it Langhorne Slim can underline such a sad, depressing, and end of the road kind of song with such a sunny disposition? It's a question we threw the fine singer/songwriter during his recent stay at the Guest Apartment (look for it the first week of December). Apparently, it's just something he does, as evidenced by this track from his recently released album "I Love You But Goodbye". In truth, there is nothing happy, nothing to hold on to here. Yet in Slim's absolute, there echoes hints of hope. We hope you enjoy it.

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