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    • FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 2009

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    Brooklyn via Queens based Freelance Whales formed only one year ago - that's right December of 2008 - and already they have an LP, Weathervanes, a successful run at CMJ, and a solid fan base under their belts; talk about the fast track. These guys literally took to the streets, playing on corners in Williamsburg, at loft parties, and little venues all over the fair city of New York. In an age where self promotion is everything, Freelance Whales definitely have set the bar pretty high, oh and I forgot to mention, their music is really really good.

    All of the Sufjan Stevens comparisons they've been amassing are not merely due to their transcendent banjo plucking, Freelance Whales deliver a comparable dichotomy of delicate little folk tunes encapsulated by a wave of all kinds of bells and whistles. These guys aren't the typical rock band line up; they utilize everything from the glockenspiel, water phone, and harmonium, and weave it all together into precariously arranged dream songs.

    The first two singles off their album Weathervane, which was released in late August, "Generator ^ 1st Floor" and "Genterator^ 2nd Floor" are driving folk pop gems, reminiscent of Ra Ra Riot and Fanfarlo, but with more synthesizer and less horns. Freelance Whales definitely has a forwarding facing vision, but they seem to also know the power of nostalgia; what a great combination. - amelia trask

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