feature: mixtape volume 41
    • FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 2009

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    Well, I guess that's it. The Mixtape turned forty last week, which means we're officially over the hill this week. Oh no! Luckily we're not balding, we don't own cats, and we have never watched more than five minutes of QVC. Close one! As we move closer to Thanksgiving, I'm starting to think, man, why are there already holiday themed commercials? Soon we're going to be seeing Santa on the Coca Cola bottles in October. Step off, Christmas! Halloween needs its time to shine. Or maybe retailers should make a new holiday called "pre-Christmas," and it can happen on July 31st or something. Or they should just check out list of reasons to celebrate everyday. Come on retailers, this weekend is National Slumber Party Day (11/22). Let's sleep on it until Black Friday.

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