Vance Joy's 'Like Gold' Is a Shimmer of Hope
    • THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 02, 2017

    • Posted by: Rachael Morrow

    One of Australia's songwriting gems, Vance Joy, lets his mellow tunes blossom once again in his new single "Like Gold." In preparation for his upcoming album, Nation of Two, to be released in February 2018, Joy literally brings joy to our ears with this new track. His unique ability to turn the pain of a past relationship into something hopeful gives this song the flavor we desperately crave, now that the weather is getting gloomier.

    The introductory guitar riff instantly gives the vibe of a reflective piece, as if you're on a road trip, gazing out the window. This is further enhanced with Joy's tempered vocals, he elicits this nostalgic tone from the get-go, before gradually building to a more emotionally fuelled chorus. With lines like "I got a feeling that everything is possible" we can't help but believe him. The optimism of his future seeps in and we too become dreamers, reminiscing on the past but looking ahead through his opportune eyes.

    Joy's evocative lyrics are the driving force behind this track, he creates imagery as if we were actually there, experiencing it all along with him. This honesty mingled with the hazy tunes provokes an imitated response, we in turn begin to see the beauty of a break up and the opportunities that face us after it's over.

    The steady drum beat keeps our heads bobbing and the simplistic components of guitar, drums, and hints of percussion create a tune worthy to be played on repeat. Nothing is too dominating so as not to take away from the intricately crafted lyrics. We can hear them in their clarity whilst still subconsciously moving to the beat, immersing ourselves in the whole experience. By the end of the track we're still bobbing and singing that "oh oh oh oh," not wanting it to actually be over.

    With this track as a second peek into Nation of Two, we can't help but expect an album of genuine hits. After the incredible reception of the first single on the album Lay It On Me, there are some big shoes to fill, but we can rely on Joy to fill them again and again.

    Watch our session with Vance Joy:

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