THROWBACK THURSDAY: BFF Edition with Tigertown and Great Good Fine OK
    • THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 02, 2017

    • Posted by: Rachael Morrow

    We here at Baeble like to see the bands we have sessions with blossom into beautiful successful artists, which of course they always do. What makes us even more happy, is seeing these artists find each other and embark on wonderful new friendships. These are the moments we live for… die for?

    Australian family band Tigertown along with Brooklyn's own Great Good Fine Ok have just embarked on one such friendship journey, as well as their joint tour throughout the states in the month of November. Having a scroll back through our archives, we are able to reminiscence on our times with both of these lovely bands!

    Our session with Tigertown:

    And here we are with their new BFFs, Great Good Fine Ok:

    So there you have it, a band of friends, making great music, going on tour, doing all the regular stuff that regular friends do. We just want to wish these awesome artists the best of luck on not only their newly formed friendship, but on their upcoming tour, too.

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