WTF WEEKLY: Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber Are Back Together + MORE
    • THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 02, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    1. The Weeknd and Selena Gomez are officially over… But wait, there's more.

    Everyone knows how I reacted to the breakup of famous couples like Fergie and Josh Duhamel and Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs in the last few months -- poorly. And now, it's time for another sad breakup, perhaps the saddest breakup of them all: Selena Gomez and The Weeknd. Apparently the end was a long time coming, since the two could simply never make time for each other, with The Weeknd's tour and everything. Selena tried to make it out to a couple of his shows (the ones that he actually showed up to) but still it wasn't enough. The two were together for about 10 months.

    An insider told People, "She and Abel have been going back and forth for a few months about their relationship… It's been hard with him being on tour and her shooting in New York. That wasn't easy on them."

    When the news broke, fans automatically started to assume that Selena was back with her ex, Satan. Eh, I mean Justin Bieber. After all, they were photographed getting breakfast together one-on-one. A bit scandalous, dontcha think? But sources denied it and told US Weekly that they were hanging out just as friends getting back in touch after her kidney transplant:

    "Selena is simply trying to make peace with Justin after her illness. He has been great to her since her surgery and they are on good terms right now. They got back in touch recently through their friends and have seen each other at church."

    But then things escalated. Apparently the Biebz has been consistently texting Sel, and a source says that Selena has always been in love with him:

    "The ball is in Selena's court right now. She was happy with The Weeknd but Justin always has the biggest piece of her heart. This situation is a heartstring type of thing. She has to figure out what she wants…she can't deny that she still loves Justin. He had such a big piece of her heart and was such a huge part of her life for so long. She can't just let him go."

    Justin is also trying really hard to prove that he's changed -- he goes to church now, he's mentally stable, etc -- because apparently Sel's parents aren't thrilled about the two getting back together (sounds like the parents are the only sane people in this scenario):

    "Justin is aware Selena's family is not thrilled they are hanging out. They think he caused Selena a lot of grief. Justin hopes he can prove to them that he has changed. He has changed a lot in the past few months. He is a very different person."

    The whole thing is sus. And yeah, if you were having a hard time believing the two lovers were back together, just take a look at this:


    THEY ARE RIDING BIKES TOGETHER. THEY ARE SNUGGLING TOGETHER. SELENA IS WEARING JUSTIN'S JERSEY. Hasn't Selena seen Bieber's new tattoos? How has that not scared her away? I don't even think I can listen to "What Do You Mean" after seeing those, and I love that song! She just can't seem to shake him off!

    This all angers me because Selena had a really nice, adult relationship with The Weeknd, and now she's back with a toddler. #WEAK? I mean look at that picture of them getting lunch -- Biebz in that hoodie literally looks like a 7 year old getting reprimanded for sneaking ice cream before dinner. And I'll say it again -- has she seen his new tattoos?!

    2. Rihanna wore a $27,000 outfit to the airport.

    Why, you ask? More like why the hell not? This is Bad Gal RiRi we're talking about (side note: I originally made a typo and wrote out "Bag Girl RiRi," and then I pictured what Bag Gal RiRi would actually look like and cackled at my desk).

    When RiRi recently made a stop in New York, she was in an outfit made up of $1,570 boots from Off-white and Jimmy Choo and $23,000 Butani diamond earrings. Later in the day, she wore a $1,400 tracksuit with two diamond necklaces, which were worth $200,000 each. The total for the day was $408,200.

    I've secretly been wanting to invest in one of those velour Juicy Couture track suits from the early 2000s and I thought those were expensive. A set is about $256, so figure RiRi could buy 1,594 and a half sets of Juicy tracksuits. And who wouldn't want to do that? They're super comfy, and despite popular belief, fashionable AF.

    3. Cardi B is engaged, and so is Lady Gaga! (Not with each other though).

    After setting major records, Cardi B has been thrown into the spotlight fast. And what better way to commemorate that than with the most public marriage proposal ever?

    Migos' Offset proposed to the "Bodak Yellow" singer at a concert in Philadelphia, according to Hot New Hip Hop:

    "During Friday night's Power 99's Powerhouse concert in Philadelphia, Migos rapper Offset decided to drop down to a knee and ask his girlfriend Cardi B to marry him live on stage. Her response?… YES!"

    "The proposal sent Cardi into a frenzy as she jumped and screamed in excitement as the sold out crowd watched the touching moment. Cardi could be seen fighting tears as she embraced Offset with a long & tight hug thereafter, but it's clear love was in the air."

    Maybe it'll be a wedding similar to Gucci Mane's -- the biggest, baddest, and boujee-est (see what I did there?) party ever, all aired on national television. But then again, Offset might be broke now. Have you seen that ring?

    A little bit up close @pristine_jewelers Thanks babe @offsetyrn

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    Yeah, that shit's huge. If Cardi ever finds herself in a situation where the lights go out and she doesn't have a flashlight, those diamonds will no doubt shine bright enough to save the day.

    And for this week's double love feature, someone else who might already be engaged is Lady Gaga.

    Cardi B and Offset, Bieber and Selena, and now Gaga and her man? Love is in the air, people. It's not November -- it's cuffing season.

    Lady Gaga just accepted Christian Carino's wedding proposal (no, not Christian Siriano from Project Runway) and the two look pretty happy together. I'd hope they were happy since they just got engaged. Apparently the proposal actually happened in the summer, but Gaga didn't want to announce it until now because she was (and still is) dealing with her fibromyalgia (she recently pushed back a bunch of tour dates because of it). This engagement took place about one year after Gaga broke off her engagement with actor Taylor Kinney.

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    I hope Gaga's happy, because I recently watched her documentary Five Foot Two on Netflix and she was crying in it almost the whole time.

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