Watch Francis and the Lights' New Music Video For 'See Her Out (That's Just Life)'
    • WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 02, 2016

    • Posted by: Ben Feit

    If you've ever had the strong desire to walk directly behind Francis Farewell Starlite - down New York's 53rd Street past the Museum of Modern Art and into the middle of 5th Avenue - your time has come, in music video form. Yesterday, Francis and the Lights released their music video for "See Her Out (That's Just Life)," the leading track on their debut album Farewell, Starlite! (released back in September). Frontman Francis Starlite - the Lights refer to actual lights, while other members of the project are fluid - is best known for his collaborative relationship and mutual fandom with Chance the Rapper. Starlite contributed heavily to Chance's Coloring Book earlier this year.

    The video for "See Her Out" is framed directly behind Starlite's imposing silhouette - dark coat, dark hair, tall, thin frame. Starlite strolls down 53rd at various paces, always close to if not exactly on the beat, before breaking into a run that leads him into the middle of 5th Avenue. There, he pulls off an impressive and surprising move.

    The camera then abruptly turns away and the video goes black, even though the song carries on for a good 15 seconds. I imagine Starlite was convinced that hitting that handspring/flip/split/spin combo was literally the peak of his existence, and therefore the filming had to end there. There's not much more you can do, Francis. Farewell, Starlite. Check out the video above, and the Twitter hype from Chance below.

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