The FADER's Eye-Opening Documentary about Lapsley
    • WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 02, 2016

    • Posted by: Amy Tang

    In a 13 minute long documentary directed by Jeremy Cole and produced by The FADER and YouTube Music, 20-year-old English singer and songwriter Lapsley (real name Holly Fletcher) takes the audience on an emotional visual tour of her seaside home in Southport. The documentary follows her as she meanders throughout her cozy home playing the piano, flipping through childhood books, and recalling memories before she became known as Lapsley. Fletcher's parents also make appearances, providing insight on her development as a musician and moreover, their daughter.

    In fact, the film itself does more than just show who Fletcher is as a musician.

    Fletcher opens up who she is in an emotional and thought-provoking discussion on the double life she leads as Lapsley and the life she leads as herself, overall emphasizing the importance of returning home and reveling in the simplicity of her life. "You miss the simplicity, you miss walking to school, you miss the routine," she says. "Coming back home means you get to think again." Fletcher notes in the film that a lot of the background and motivation for her hit songs such as "Double Eight Nine Six," "Leap," and "Burn" were written based off of personal experiences from her parents, to her relationships, and to her depression.

    "Coming back here, I'm a sister, I'm a cousin, and I'm someone's niece, and I like that. It's not the 'me' show." Lapsley's metaphor for "home" ultimately shows us why home is so important and why it shouldn't be forgotten.

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