10 Indie Girl Power Songs That Celebrate Women
    • WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 02, 2016

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    I recently read a very jarring and hopeless article on why feminism is "annoying" and it really got me thinking. Are all privileged people really this ignorant? Is the fact that we want our country to continue to grow and get better actually "annoying"? Do people even understand the true meaning of feminism? Men and women are equal, it's not about hating each other. We also don't pin women against women - we stand together and lift each other up.

    It's a bit disheartening to see that these outdated beliefs still exist today, which is why I've decided to highlight some of the positive reinforcements we've had -- in the music industry specifically. Apparently, there are a lot of artists who are passionate about this topic - they always have been. Here are some uplifting and current indie tracks about the strength of women and what makes us who we are.

    1. "Woman" by Angel Olsen

    In Angel Olsen's case, you can use the simple power of a voice and a guitar to make a huge statement. Of course, she sings, "I dare you to understand what makes me a woman," but the music itself is enough to give us chills and communicate exactly how she's feeling.

    2. "Hey Girl" by Lady Gaga ft. Florence Welch

    As Gaga and Florence go back and forth, they sing all about lifting each other up and depending on each other, rather than competing with each other. Wouldn't that make everything easier? Woah, mind blown.

    3. "Weaker Girl" by BANKS

    BANKS sings about the person she's in a relationship with and how they feel intimidated by her and want to weaken her to reassure their own confidence. What's wrong with being strong?

    4. "By Ourselves" by Blood Orange

    In "By Ourselves," Dev Hynes steps aside to let poet Ashlee Haze deliver an absolutely chilling ode to feminism.

    5. "Don't Touch My Hair" by Solange ft. Sampha

    "Don't Touch My Hair" is an ode to black women specifically, and how they are belittled. She delivers the lyrics with an amazing amount of sass, which gives it an iconic attitude.

    6. "Boy Problems" by Carly Rae Jepsen

    This one is more on the fun side, as Jepsen sings "I think I broke up with my boyfriend today and I don't really care / I've got worse problems." We've all got boy problems, but we are no longer making them our number one priority. Amen, sista.

    7. "iT" by Christine and the Queens

    This song is all about not giving a f*ck about gender. Be what you want and you will be equal either way.

    8. "Woman is a Word" by Empress Of

    "I'm only a woman if woman is a word..."

    9. "Chimera" by HANA

    According to Google, a Chimera is a fire-breathing female monster with a lion's head, a goat's body, and a serpent's tail. So yeah, whoever listens to this will feel like a powerful, beautiful creature who can fend for themselves.

    10. "Not So Different" by Willow Smith

    "I'm not an investment, you have no control over me," Willow sings, in her familiar carefree mindset. We're not so different. Preach!

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