Baeble First Play: The Stark Synthpop Contrast of STEFF KOEPPEN
    • MONDAY, NOVEMBER 02, 2015

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    There's something about a well-time brass section that can take a song to another level. We're well past the heyday of "ska" so hearing a trumpet on a radio hit is a sadly rare feat these days. "Safe & Sound" by Capital Cities became a massive smash precisely cause it knew when to lay down a sexy sax line. And in addition to some Lauren Mayberry/Chvrches-esque synthpop and vocals, "Something Like This" by STEFF KOEPPEN (that all caps is intentional) finds just the right moment to bring in the horns.

    We're excited to have the exclusive premiere of "Something Like This." Synth pop but not icy cold, "Something Like This" wraps you in warm blast of sound despite the darker nature of STEFF KOEPPEN's lyrics. The contrast creates the whirldwind of pop energy that keeps you humming the chorus and melody for hours with enough meat on the bones to keep you digging in for more.

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