MP3: The National Cover The Philistines Jr.
    • WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 02, 2011

    • Posted by: Ed McGarrigle

    The Philistines Jr. are a band that just can't seem to catch a break. They have been making records in Connecticut for over twenty years but have never hit the pay-dirt that their contemporaries have. To help correct this injustice, the band has recruited the help of their friends to record a cover album of their 2010 release If A Band Plays In The Woods...?. The cover rendition, If A Lot Of Bands Play In The Woods..., is due out on 11/1 (tomorrow) and features contributions from Tapes 'n Tapes, Tokyo Police Club, and Frightened Rabbit.

    Below is a track by indie staples The National. The bands gives their rendition of "Twenty Miles To NH Part 2" which features soft piano, airy synth, and simple acoustic guitar licks. The drums and accompanying percussion give the track texture as singer Matt Beringer delivers lines about a fat, talking cat. Give it a listen. Also check out the video of The National recording High Violet set to the tune of "Twenty Miles To NH Part 2." The cute kid and kitten are sure to brighten your day.

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    MP3: "Twenty Miles To NH Part 2"

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