baeble comes to the living room
    • TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 02, 2010

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    Baeble already has a TV show, but the linear model isn't at the heart of what we do. Baeble is about demand; all of our shows, whenever you want them. That's why we've partnered with a next generation entertainment provider called Boxee to bring Baeble's library from the web to your home entertainment center in one easy step. All of our library, including full concerts, can soon be seamlessly streamed from the web to your TV.

    We're excited to take the next step in providing full concerts to integrated television web browsing. Our goal is enhance the experience of long form concert viewing, and as many of the larger internet media companies have recognized, the future of the web and traditional TV seem to intersect. Apple and more recently Google have both made steps to take apps, browsing, and on demand content from the web to the television. Boxee shares that ambition and we're happy to be supporting them with our entire library of shows for their launch this month.

    Head to Boxee for more details. The official box will be available on 11/10, in just over a week. Preorder yours from Amazon today!

    Stay tuned for more exciting ways to watch Baeble videos right from your couch! -joe puglisi

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