Watch: Belle And Sebastian 'The Party Line'
    • WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 2014

    • Posted by: Austin Price

    It's taken the better part of a decade but Belle and Sebastian have finally thrown together a new album (Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance) with plans to release it on January 20th of 2015. Just to get everyone primed though, because after all these years maybe everyone's moved on a little bit from B & S, they've also gone and released a single, "The Party Line," and even released a video to go along with it.

    If this is an indication of the direction the album is going to take (and maybe an indication of where the band is headed) color me a tad skeptical. The song's got a disco edge, complete with over clapping and an over-emphasized bass line, and the video, which follows a lonely girl through an evening spent following her friends around a discotheque, has a similar sheen. It's the morose person's Saturday Night Fever, which is fitting, I suppose, coming from Belle and Sebastian: they've always done a great job of making melancholy, down-key music so in that sense it's not all that different from everything before.

    But I don't know if their particular brand of distanced dreamy pop marries all that well with the glittery thrills of dance music. It ain't terrible and it's certainly interesting. Check it for yourself below!

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