Why We'll Dress Up For Arcade Fire
    • TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 2013

    • Posted by: Cassedy Banks

    So everyone's getting upset about the dress code for The Reflektors (a.k.a. Arcade Fire) upcoming North American tour. Ticketmaster's disclaimer tells attendees to "Please wear formal attire or costume" on the night of the show, and some people aren't happy about it. It is understandable that not every fan will be into the dress requirement, since we're talking about an arena tour stopping at massive venues (like Brooklyn's 19,000-capacity Barclays Center or Philadelphia's 21,000 capacity Wells Fargo Center). But I think fans should suck it up and embrace the one-of-a-kind night they have ahead of them.

    Photo: Devin Doyle

    After watching my computer's clock turn exactly 10:00 AM, I was lucky enough to score pre-access tickets to The Reflektors when they came to Brooklyn last month. There was no way I was going to sell them, even though I could have made up to $2,000. And, it was totally worth it. Everything about the night felt special: there was a DJ and dancers dressed up in costumes with LED lights entertaining us as we stood in line outside a Brooklyn warehouse. Once inside there was a special air that definitely had to do with the formal attire and costumes. It felt like an exclusive party that could have been in The Great Gatsby (not the awful movie), and once the show started I knew this night was a unique experience.

    Photo: Eric Kayne

    I believe Arcade Fire has earned the right to make whatever requirement they want, and if fans don't want to participate then...well, then that's fine. But why not join in? As Win Butler told a crowd in London, "To anyone who felt uncomfortable dressing up, I'm not sorry...At least 70 percent of you are getting laid tonight." It's not clear how strictly the dress code will be enforced, but during their Brooklyn shows last month guests who forgot to dress the part were offered complimentary masks and face paint. Either way, dress or no dress, the shows are guaranteed to kick ass and you'll hear sounds that push the boundaries of today's music. Case in point: the only note I managed to write while covering the show was "total euphoria."

    Photo: Bushwick Daily

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