Matt and Kim and Oberhofer at Terminal 5
    • MONDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 2012

    • Posted by: Eric Galietti

    This past Thursday, Terminal 5 hosted a sold out show. The lines outside had almost as many red bulls as concert-goers. Inside, young people were lining the balconies sipping mixed drinks or making out in corners. What awaited was a homecoming of indie pop and dancing brought on by New York natives Matt & Kim and their tour mates Oberhofer. The giddiness was palpable.

    Brad Oberhofer and his band opened, coming out to a sea of hair on the main floor that bobbed around to the 2011 single "Gotta Go." The band jammed on into their set and got some hands clapping with their quirky, carefree brand of indie rock. Frontman Brad Oberhofer's crazy-leggedness tossed him about the stage, sometimes shaking his big hair around, sometimes flailing on the ground for a minute or doing a twirly maneuver. Maybe these were moves that translate better in a smaller venue, but it was enough to get some girls shaking booty and the crowd bopping around to the energetic tracks like Time Capsules II's "oOoO" and "Landline." Oberhofer's set did a nice job loosening up Terminal 5 for the highly anticipated Matt & Kim.

    By the time Matt & Kim came on stage to do their thing, the audience was all but ready to hear the blasts of French Montana's FM rap radio jam "Pop That" pierce through the monitors. The band appeared under blue strobe lights, climbing on equipment, swinging towels around - immediately engaging with all three levels of the venue. The entrance track stopped, and the crowd went wild.

    "Block After Block" kicked Matt & Kim's set off, as a massive wave of arms in front of them jumped and pumped fists. The two warmly welcomed their hometown crowd with more favorites like "Daylight" and "Cameras," and tracks like "Now" from the new record Lightning. Borrowed interludes included "Let Me Clear My Throat," and the classic club hit, Alice DeeJay's "Better Off Alone." Big-screen backdrop video throughout the set switched between lyric videos, explosions, fireworks, and close-up live shots of two incredibly happy, very sweaty musicians, just doing what they do best - keeping the party going. Each moment of the performance, from Matt's grinning face as he dedicated "Tonight" to his city, to every time Kim stood up on her drum stool, it was unmistakable what the dynamic duo came to do that night. The show was a relentlessly vibrant display of big, loud fun. A great time.

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