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    • THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 2009

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    Part of the late aught Swedish invasion, El Perro Del Mar recently invaded the Guest Apartment. She has a knack for a certain songwriting aesthetic, a gentle melancholy that is perfect in a small acoustic setting. Armed with nothing but a twelve-string guitar and her instantly recognizable voice, one-woman band Sarah Assbring played the catchy lo-fi-pop tunes of her record Love Is Not Pop. Yes, her most recent release is full of bass and a difficult to replicate ambiance. However, this acoustic performance somehow shimmers with the same kind of airy brilliance. It could be the extra six strings, but it's more likely the sheer force of her songwriting. "Change Of Heart" still has an impeccable driving feel, despite the absence of the brilliant bass riff that lines the recording. The simpler "It Is Something" is in essence an acoustic tune, and allowed Sarah to make good use of her wonderfully adorable voice. Sure, Love Is Not Pop, but El Perro Del Mar is both a preoccupation with love and loss, and a stunning pop performer. These two songs are a great cross section of El Perro's diversity, and they are sure to inspire a search for more of her work. In that case, might we suggest starting HERE. - Joe Puglisi

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    VIDEO: El Perro Del Mar Plays the Guest Apartment

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