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    • THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 2009

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    What's up, Beaches? It is tempting to drink the Kool-aid when a certain member (Ed Droste) of your favorite band (Grizzly Bear) loves a band... like Beach House, for example. However, they have two things going for them: Victoria Legrand is a cutie, and they write great music (the latter is the important one). Oh and they are giving away free music!

    "Norway" is the first track to emerge from the highly anticipated Teen Dream, which despite its Barbie's Vacation vibe when said all together, (Teen Dream Beach House?) should be pretty spectacular. Check the song below and stay tuned for more details.

    Teen Dream hits shelves 1/26, courtesy of Subpop.-joe puglisi

    MP3:"Norway" - Teen Dream
    Beach House on Myspace

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