Now Playing: Cool Kids @ The FADER Sideshow - Oct. 20th, 2007
    • MONDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 2007

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    "I got 1 stipulation today. We got 10 minutes and I need y'all to wow out to your fullest capabilities for this 10 minutes. Y'all think y'all can do that?" - Mikey Rocks

    The only hip hop act to take The Sideshow all week, these CMJers obviously needed a bit of beat in their bones, and bass in their face. So yeah…I’d say the crowd holds their own during this performance from Chicago up and comers the Cool Kids. Though not given long to do so (this is the shortest show in Baeble’s catalogue), the duo of Chuck English and Mikey Rocks travel the hip hop continuum, harking back to days when big trap-set beats, the flash of the record scratch, and damn positive, party vibe lyrics were a norm. Tack on outrageous graffiti gear, and these retro outfitted MCs do the golden age of hip hop right. - David Pitz

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    VIDEO: Cool Kids:: “Live at the FADER Sideshow” – NYC, NY

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