Jack and the Bob
    • MONDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 2007

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    Could a grizzled old line legend, his voice rough and gruff,
    be flirting to go toe to toe in the studio with a spitfire devil of an electric guitar player (not to mention singer)? That is the question
    NME is pondering this morning. From the endless UK rumor mill comes speculation of a marquee studio collaboration
    between Bob Dylan and Jack White. And while this sort of thing would certainly be an interesting piece of audio, I’m not sure if the mag’s reasons necessarily add up to the
    supposed partnership definitely occuring. True, Jack did join Bob on stage two nights running in Nashville back in September. And he also kicked off the second season
    of “Theme Time” – Dylan’s acclaimed XM radio show.But NME
    take their info from Dominic Suchyta, an old friend of White’s currently recording a slew of White renditions of Hank Williams songs…a project coordinated by Dylan himself.
    Telling Paste Magazine, Suchyta hinted, “I wouldn’t put it past either of them. They seem to be cut from the same cloth, sort of misplaced Midwestern brothers.” It’s the kind of
    statement not so soaked in certainty, is it? Of course, it’s also bound to make it tough to put time out of mind, so to speak. I guess we’ll all need to wait to see… - David Pitz

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