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    • WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 2015

    • Posted by: David Moffly

    We got the pleasure of sitting down with Sara Barielles yesterday for a video interview to talk about all her projects that are bubbling to the surface at the moment. She has a book out, a new album and if that isnt enough she has written the music and lyrics for the new play Waitress.

    Waitress The Musical Poster

    The setting for our interview was The Four Seasons restaurant which in New York is the ultimate power lunch spot filled with men and women in power suits having important hushed conversations about important things. We thought this would make a nice juxtaposition with the blue collar characters that Sara has written a powerful set of music for in her album and play.

    Sara Barielles Album Cover

    Ever the ultimate power player, Sara arrived at the appointed time in an UberX by herself and committed the near suicidal act of getting out of the car in mid-town on the street side. She strode through the hushed dining room and heads turned as the power elite wondered who the poised celebrity was in their midst.

    Sara Barielles Album Cover

    In the interview which will be on the site shortly she talked us through the creative forces and confluence of events that led her to have a creative trifecta.

    Perhaps most important from our conversation with Sara we learned her go to shows on Netflix are 30 Rock and Golden Girls.

    The rest of the scoop will have to wait for the video to come out in the next week or so. In the meantime - enjoy the lead single from the album.

    She Used To Be Mine

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