Just The Videos Please
    • WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 2015

    • Posted by: David Moffly

    Last night we rolled out the first version of our video only app in the Android store. This is Rev. 1 so please download it, use it and tell us what you like and dont like and we will improve the product based on our internal road map and your thoughtful suggestions. We got a number of very helpful suggestions from users when we rolled out our new site in July and your suggestions in particular on our mobile web implementation were very helpful and implemented on the site.

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    The App is very simple and super-fast. You can blow through the entire library of more than 7,000 curated and exclusive videos as fast as you can scroll through it. We also deployed some special tech to improve the video experience over cellular networks which as more people use the app it will learn and improve as the user base grows. So go ahead chew through your data plan. I know I have driving around the streets of New York for hours on end testing the App. We are not burdening you with video ads at this second since this is a fresh start, but as the App builds we will add some pre-roll to ensure the financial viability of the App.

    Why an Android App first? Despite all of us here in New York with our iPhone's in our Cool Bubble, Android is the globally dominant mobile OS. We know that on our mobile web that more Android users visit the site every day so the logical choice was to build an Android App first. We are now hard at work on the iPhone version so stay tuned for this.

    Other than Vevo and of course YouTube, we are the only other music focused company to have a video app. We are a fraction the size of these behemoths we admire, but we think our product stacks up nicely with theirs. The videos and their quality certainly shine and in most cases exceed the quality of what else is out there on the web.

    We are a small team and incredibly proud of the work we do every day that serves you the audience, the bands we feature and our label partners.

    Enjoy and share the App!

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