Tink Helps Sleigh Bells Slay in Collab Track 'That Did It'
    • TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 2014

    • Posted by: Leanne Heidenberg

    They're a noise pop duo from Brooklyn. She's a no nonsense up-and-coming rapper from Chicago. Fate brought them to the same stage at SXSW last year, and together they're making insane, in-your-face music.

    After meeting at the Red Bull Sound Select state in Austin last year, both Alexis Krauss and Derek Edward Miller of Sleigh Bells were blown away by Tink's explosive energy, so when Red Bull reunited the artists to record a Sound Select track sparks did fly. The fiery track, "That Did It" is the reworking of a discarded 2013 song that Miller had been worked on but decided was too "sugary". Even after distortions and embellishments he felt the song, then titled "Infinite Power", was seriously lacking an edge.

    That all changed once they brought Tink into the mix. According to Krauss, she just got it. After giving her a few quick points as to what the song was about the Chicago native got into the booth and killed it and created what is now the opening verse of "That Did It" and the chemistry between the two gave the track that crucial bite.

    Check out the insanity that is "That Did It" below:

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