Ice-T Lampoons 'Turn Down For What'
    • TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 2014

    • Posted by: Austin Price

    I'm glad that fake-cop-killer-turned-fake-cop Ice-T and metal group Upon a Burning Body (UABB) have done such a grand job lampooning "Turn Down For What," the party-brat's go-to-anthem, that I can't be disappointed it's one of the first real parodies of its kind.

    See, what Ice-T and UBB get is not only how risible the cheap bass-driven machismo of the original song and its false parody of a music video are, but also how silly the idioms they're working in are. They get that so much of the yelling and posturing of metal and the sneering "I don't give a fuck!" third-rate nihilism of punk is fueled by the same kind of primitive impulses that run these party anthems.

    Hence why Ice-T adds a whole round of taunts against bouncers who don't want him standing on couches, hence why the video is so replete with the same cheap signifiers for "wild party animals" (strippers, an empty bar populated entirely by the singer and his friends), hence why "I don't give a fuck!" becomes the de facto chorus of this cover ("turn down for what" being only the same sentiment with a new name and "I don't give a fuck!" being the nihilistic chant of punks everywhere), and why there's so much obnoxious heavy-metal roaring and why the word "bitch" gets throw around like pennies.

    The lyrics, which are newly added, could have been taken from any other party song, the expressions on the faces of Ice-T and company less so: there's a cocksure irony here on all of their faces, an awareness that when Ice-T rails against "security [for] telling (him) not to stand on the goddamn couches!" he knows exactly how stupid he sounds and a bored look on his doughy, out-of-place face tells us how stupid he thinks everything around him is. It's an inspired bit of parody that uses its cheapness and ugliness to real effect. They're giving the rest of the musical world's smart-asses a great base to build upon.

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