An Artist Is Turning Jay-Z's Favorite Brands Into A T-Shirt
    • TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 2014

    • Posted by: Lily Trotta

    Long before Kanye dressed Kim, hip hop and fashion were in a strong and healthy marriage. Rappers have always loved to name-drop their favorite brands, further proving how much cooler they are than other people. Now, this marriage has reached a new level: you can buy a shirt with every brand Jay-Z has ever mentioned on an album. Well, right now it's just a Kickstarter, but maybe you can buy it someday!

    The project, called "Art As Wrench: A Rappers Fashion Timeline", was started by Katherine Bernard and data engineer Fred Benenson, who arranged the brand names into a lovely square, organized chronologically by when Jay-Z mentioned them.

    Get the digs on the shirt and the campaign below:

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