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    • THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 2010

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    There are a new collection of bands that are distancing themselves from the world of Myspace and its millions strong clusterf**k. We've had the joy of finding and featuring a few bands in our new music posts that fit into this anti-Myspace categorym but here's one that does so in a art-as-life kind of way: Los Angeles' Young Hunting. Their Myspace has a picture and a comment section set to a plain white background. There are no songs, no tour info and no legitimate pictures of the band, an empty hole of speculation. A void fitting for their sound, an echoed wash of shoegaze goodness, floating out to sea.

    The band currently has only created a 7" that is available for digital download or physical delivery from K Records. The two songs show that these guys have their sights set on producing clear vocal lines and beautiful harmonies instead of big catchy hooks. The first song, "Into Your Mind," is a breezy, harmony driven dream-pop song while the second is a more melancholy and shows more variation in the instrumentation. It's a nice double feature, but it seems to be the only offering at the moment.

    For now, order or download the 7" or listen for free here.-brendan mehan

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    Young Hunting at Bandcamp
    K Records

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