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    • THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 2010

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    As you read this, the headphones and soda shilling Dr. Dre is streaming an official song from the almost mythological at this point Detox on his website. It's called "Kush", and it deals with the usual Dre subject matter, with the usual Dre flair. Featuring Akon and cartoon character Snoop Dog.

    While some early leaks made Detox sound more like Relapse, this track is pretty good evidence to the contrary. It's been almost twelve years since 2001 (1999) Dre hung up the mic in favor of the knobs. Hopefully Detox will be a glorious combination of his skills on both (with a superstar supporting cast). Kanye has his dark twisted fantasy, but Dre is still the one going straight for the dance floor. "Slow is better, trust me, I'm a doctor."

    Detox is out (finally) early next year, according to Interscope. -joe puglisi

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